Casa del Alfareros

House of the Potters / Mariscal Lamar y Calle Convencion 45

Previously called the House of the Convention of 45, this building is now called the El Alfarero (Potters) Cultural Center.  The history dates back to the Convention of 1845, in which Ecuador’s 4th Constitution was drawn up. The actual constitution was not drawn up in this house, but it is the space where there was a celebration afterwards. In this constitution, the term of office of the President of Ecuador was limited to four years, instead of the eight years allowed previously. 

The current building was restored in 2012.   Beautiful wood floors and thick adobe walls remain in the restoration.

This neighborhood also had a strong cultural tradition of potters and pottery.  La Casa del Alfarero has as a goal the strengthening and continuation of this trade.

A treasured very old work of pottery.

It is located in the “Y” intersection of Mariscal Lamar and Calle Convencion 45. The murals on the neighboring walls reflect the history of pottery in the neighborhood.

Photos of the building before restoration.

Many  artistic workshops are held in the Casa del Alfarero, including pottery, ceramics, drawing, and painting.