Area Convencion 45

When I first heard of Area 45, I thought it was the numerical description of a city neighborhood. But instead, it is the area where five future Presidents of Ecuador met after signing the Constitution of 1845. It is full of colorful Colonial and Republic era homes, that are a more modest size than the homes in El Centro.

The faces on the gate are all wearing blue masks!

La Guarida is a popular restaurant and performance space in Area 45. Photo on the left is La Guarida before restoration.

Andrés Zambrano

 Andrés Zambran is the owner of La Guardia. In addition to being an incredible chef, he also arranges for amazing movies and music. He is also the President of the Area 45 Neighborhood Association.

Hanging on the wall is a work of art by Eduardo Segovia.

The gate to Eduardo Segovia’s house. He is a long time resident of Area 45. Andres Zambrano is trying to convince the City to have Maestro Segovia create murals in the neighborhood.

On the wall of Ivan Encalada Pottery Studio in Area 45.

A panaderia and a pastereria – my favorites!

Casa del Alfareros. This is the building where the reception was held following the signing of the Constitution of 1845. It is now used as a City Cultural Center, to encourage the art and tradition of pottery.

Cuenca had a tradition of different neighborhoods representing different trades and tradesmen. Area 45 was the neighborhood of pottery.

“Neighborhood of Convention 45. History, Tradition, and Culture since 1845.”

“Heladeria Sari”. This ice cream store sells nothing but LIME ice cream, and it is Delicious!

On the left photo are “Lima Balconies” which were, and are, very popular in Lima, Peru.

Area 45 is a very colorful and authentic neighborhood of Cuenca.