Escuela Central

Gran Colombia and Benigno Malo

Originally this was the first public hospital in Cuenca from 1747 to 1822. From 1882 it functioned as a school for girls and for a short period of time also accommodated the library. It was known as the Central School due to its location in the city center.

At this moment there is an excellent exhibition in this historic building celebrating Cuenca’s 200 year Bicentennial of Independence from Spain. There is a beautiful exhibit of Cuenca clothing in one of the main halls.

It currently has a library, internet cubicles, auditorium, cafeteria, two rooms for artistic workshops and several rooms for exhibits.

This building is the work of the German monk Juan Bautista Stiehle. It was one of the first civic buildings erected by Stiehle and was specially requested by the city council. This is a photograph of Juan Bautista Stiehle.

In 2009, during a renovation under the courtyard, old water canals were unearthed, along with many old skeletons buried there.

“El Gran Libertador – Simon Bolivar / Jose Maria Vazquez de Noboa, in 1820 the first President of the Republic of Cuenca.

Shown is a copy of the Constitution of Cuenca. The original copy is in the Museum of Remigio Crespo Toral.

Located on a corner, the building has two entrances, both of which lead via hallways to the same central courtyard..

Las huérfanas – the girl orphans.