Mansion Alcazar

12-55 Simon Bolivar

The beautiful Mansion Alcazar is once again open! The “Casa Cordero” as the current Mansión Alcázar was known was built at the end of the 19th century and belonged to Enrique Cordero, son of the former President of Ecuador, a Cuencano man, Dr. Luis Cordero.

In 1999, a comprehensive restoration of the property began, taking care of all the architectural and decorative details. It officially opened as a Boutique Hotel in 2001.

A part of the garden was adapted to turn it into a pergola which housed the distinctive restaurant, CASA ALONSO.

La Mansión is one of the few houses in the city center that still conserves its original gardens with large trees and beautiful flowers, varied vegetation and a natural environment that attracts dozens of bird species to visit the lush gardens.

The Hotel reflects the style of the Republican era, in which the mansion was originally built.

Dining in Casa Alonso was always a very special treat. Photo on right is a sugar-coated rose petal!

The balconies are a prized location to watch the 8 hour long Christmas Eve Parade, “Pase del Niño Viajero”, one of the most colorful parades in all of South America.