Casa Natalicia Del Presidente Gonzalo S. Cordova

#5 Hermano Miguel 8-59 y Simon Bolivar. Currently the Yanapuma Foundation and Spanish School.

Inhabited at one time or another by several of the city’s illustrious figures, the house is perhaps most famous as the birthplace of Gonzalo S. Cordova in 1858. He was President of Ecuador from 1924 to 1925.

The window apertures are framed by smooth haut-relief mouldings that define flat and semicircular arches. The small tiled roofs over the windows and wooden balcony are an unusual feature of this house.

The wooden balcony is in the fashion of the Lima,Peru-style balconies that were frequently used in Cuenca during the colonial period. Families would seat their marriageable young daughters in these balconies, in the eyesight of eligible men to drive by.

Currently, the Yanapuma Foundation and Spanish School is in this building. This building used to form a single complex with the adjacent building, and extended all the way back to Atonio Borrero Street.

A carved stone staircase is in the entryway.