Antigua Casa de Vintimilla Ordóñez

#4 ANTIGUA CASA DE VINTIMILLA ORDOÑEZ. Hermano Miguel 8-35 y Simon Bolivar. Currently Instituto de Arte Contemporaneo.

This large colonial house has an austere modest facade that combines white walls with dark green woodwork. Inside…..hidden Cuenca treasure!

Records show that from 1915 to 1988 the building was home to the Ordóñez Vintimilla family, and that their heirs subsequently sold it to the current owner, Fernando Piedra Cardoso. The front of the building houses the contemporary art gallery. But when you enter the first courtyard, you absolutely are transported to another time…..

Most colonial houses had two, sometimes three courtyards. Typically the front courtyard was surrounded by rooms where the family lived and entertained. The second courtyard had a vegetable garden, and housed the servants. This house was very unusual in that there were no rooms coming off the front courtyard. Fernando said this courtyard and garden was designed purely as a place to sit and enjoy beauty!

Exquisite hand painted murals….

At the center the large entrance door is adorned with haut-relief wooden carvings.