Casa del Coco

#27 LA CASA DEL COCO. Calle Simon Bolivar 12-60. Built in 1890.

This building was the property of Florencia Astudillo Valdivieso, one of the wealthiest women in the region at that time. This house is one of the best fusion examples between the colonial style and French decoration. It’s main room was richly decorated with tin sheets imported from France and its facade was decorated with friezes, columns and frames giving the house an elegant republican style.

Currently there are offices for the Municipality of Cuenca on the first floor. The Tourism Foundation of Cuenca has offices on the second floor.

In most colonial houses, there was a courtyard in the front of the house, and an additional second courtyard behind that in the rear.

It is such an exceptional building to showcase the beauty of Cuenca!

The building is currently owned by the Moscoso family. Gustavo Moscoso is a famous Ecuadorian clothing designer, with offices in Cuenca, and New York City.