Caja del Seguro Social

#8 Presently IESS National Health Center. Calles Simon Bolivar Y Borrerro.

This building was constructed by the Social Security Clinic during the 1940’s. A three story building, the style is reminiscent of the Spanish Neo-Colonial architecture that was fashionable in the city during the 1940’s and 1950’s.

The facade is distinguished by the use of finely carved stone decorative elements. The lintels and window sills are also made of stone, and the mullions repeat the Solomonic colonnette motif. It is not known who designed or built the building, but it was awarded the Adornment Prize by Cuenca City Council as the best building in the city for 1947.

The carved stone balcony and staircase balustrades adopt the form of turned wood Solomonic colonnettes.

Doctors Offices are on the second and third floor, overlooking the courtyard. The courtyard is used for training sessions. and classes. Stone-carved four-pointed stars in haut-relief can be seen between the second and third floors.