Gobernacion del Azuay

At the corner of Calle Simón Bolívar and Calle Luis Cordero, overlooking Parque Calderón , sits the Gobernacion del Azuay, the government center of Azuay Province. 

There is an elegant staircase to the second floor, with a large tile mural as the backdrop.

On the wall facing you as you enter is a large format wall painting by Marco Martinez Espinoza.  The theme is “La Huelga de La Sal ”, an uprising of the indigenous people of Azuay and part of Cañar, who in 1925 surrounded the city of Cuenca, in protest at the hoarding of salt and its speculation

In the Galeria y Historia Jose Domingo Lamar, there are portraits (and photos) of many of the provincial governors displayed. 

Jose Antonio de Vallejo, First Governor of Cuenca

A large portrait of “El Gran Libertador”  Simón Bolívar overlooks the Assembly room. 

From the second floor balcony of this building you can see an amazing overview of all of Parque Calderón.  In non-covid times, if you politely ask the guard in the building, he will allow you to go out on the balcony to view it. 

More of the view from the balcony at Gobernacion del Azuay.