Former Doctor Gonzalo Cordero Crespo House

This beautiful building was constructed between 1945 and 1952. Gonzalo Cordero Crespo was a prominent politician.  CIDAP was created in 1975, through an agreement between Ecuador and the Organization of American States OAS, which is dedicated to the promotion of Artisan craftsmanship and popular culture. In 1977 CIDAP rented the building for its cultural activities, and finally purchased the building in 1984.

Gonzalo Cordero Crespo hired a Spanish architect, Juan Orúz, based in Guayaquil, to design the building. The building is characterized by carved and polished stone used for the doors, windows, staircases, columns, and balustrades.

There is a story that a one-armed stonemason participated in the construction.  It is said he tied a chisel to his wrist to be able to hammer out the balusters, lintels and columns from blocks of grey Andean stone.

CIDAP showcases the continent’s artisans and handicrafts, with the purpose of strengthening culture and popular art in Ecuador and America. 

There are always amazing shows of handicrafts and art in this museum.  And the annual Fiestas Mercado in November which features artists and craftsmen from all over South America, Mexico, and Central America; centers around the CIDAP Museum. 

There is a side door to the building which opens onto to the Escalinata steps.