CASA SAN JOSÉ (a restoration in progress)

I was so honored to be invited by the Teodoro Montero family to view their family home which is currently in the process of being renovated; and to attend a lovely event in the home, featuring Teodoro’s book, an autobiography of his life. The home is being renovated by Felipe Urgiles, who is the same person who recently finished the spectacularly beautiful renovation of Casa del Parque in Cuenca.

The house is a work in progress. Some of the renovation is complete, but there is a good amount still to come. I will be following the progress of the renovation.

The lovely event included jazz musicians, flowers, candlelight; and there was a full house attending. When the renovation is complete, the house will be available for special events.

Felipe Urgiles completely restored this beautiful, very large espejo, mirror, to its original design.

Selecting colors for the walls in the grand sala……

All “before” photos are provided by Felipe’s wife, Lore Izquierda.

Felipe, painstakingly restoring the murals.

This is a sketch, superimposed on a photo of the exterior, sketching out how the front of the house will look when completed. There will be murals of angels on the walls.

Felipe with the new color selected for the grand sala walls.

The event was to celebrate the book written by Teodoro Montero. Teodoro moved to Cuenca from Bilbian. He started working as a jeweler, and eventually set up his own business. During the event he described how his business came to be, and grew. He reminisced about a long time business friendship/relationship with a person from Barcelona Spain. His business donated to non-profits for children. He and his family used to bring baskets of food door to door at Christmas.

The title of the book – “Desde el Soplo con la Churumbela al Rayo Laser” is referring to the tools used for jewelry making. The soplo la Churumbela was originally used. The person using it had to blow on the instrument, and it produced quite a lot of smoke, which could be irritating to the users throat. The Rayo Laser – or laser cutting, is now used.

Teodoro Montero, signing copies of his book. The event was full of friends, admirers, and family.

Teodoro’s daughter Sandra, has continued in the tradition, and has a store of her beautiful jewelry in the building. This is a photo of Sandra’s daughter, Andrea, modeling a “peineta” or jewelry hair piece, which Sandra Montero designed.

Felipe Urgiles in front of the renovated mural.

“Before” photo….

an “After” photo…

Cuenca persons will recognize this ceiling in the Turquesa Room, at Mansion Matilde in Casa del Parque, which Mrs. Gladys Eljuri de Alvarez, owner of Mansion Matilde and La Casa del Parque designed; and Felipe Urgiles painted.

Felipe Urgiles at work. He is an amazing artist, and a treasure for Cuenca.