Los Molinos del Batan (Le Moulin Restaurante)

Los Molinos del Batan was originally a flour mill operated using the waters of the Tomebamba river to turn the grinding wheels for making wheat and rye into flour. Now operating as Le Moulin Restaurant, the restaurant contains two original flour mills. Beneath the restaurant and connected to the hoppers above in the main dining room are the two wheels that turned the mill by water power.

There is romantic dining available on tabes outside, on the banks of the Tomebamba River.

The original building is believed to be about 400 years old. and has a number of grinding wheels displayed outside.

The restaurant features exposed beams and a high reed ceiling, and wood and brick floors. This post is about the architecture of this beautiful building, which I just love! But P.S. – the food is excellent too!

Look how thick these adobe walls are!!

Very interesting light fixturs….

Lining the walls of the restaurant are photos of Old Cuenca. The beauty of Cuenca is that it doesn’t look all that different today!

The mill grinding wheels, downstairs, under the back of the building.

You can eat in one of the “Caves” with the grinding wheels, for a very unique experience. You will be serenaded by the rushing Tomebamba River.

Such a pretty place to have dinner – either inside the historic building, or outside on the banks of the Tomebamba River.