Calle Mariano Cueva

This colorful Cuenca street runs from the north on Ave de las Americas, south to Calle Larga. It was named after a Vice President of Ecuador, Mariano Cueva Vallejo.

This mural was painted by the very talented Felipe Urgiles.
You can see the tower of Todos Santos Church on Calle Larga to the right in this photo.

early morning clouds on Calle Mariano Cueva…..

Mariano Cueva Vallejo (August 5, 1810-March 18, 1882) was an Ecuadorian politician and journalist. He was born in Cuenca, the son of Tadeo Cueva Tinoco and Serafina Vallejo Encalada, natives of Loja and Cuenca. In January 1861 he went to Quito as Deputy of Azuay to the National Convention and on March 10 he was elected Vice President of the Republic of Ecuador by 20 votes against 16 of his opponent Pedro José Arteta. He was governor of Azuay and the rector of the University of Cuenca on two occasions, where he remained until his death at the age of 71.

I do not know if this street had any significance in his life, or if it was named after him in his honor.