A Hidden Hacienda in Cuenca

Recovecos de Cuenca, hidden surprises of Cuenca. I was very honored to be invited into this 225 year old private home in Cuenca, previously a hacienda, with large land holdings. It is now in a very urban part of Cuenca, which used to be considered the countryside. Walking or driving by now, you might not recognize it’s history.

Once you enter the front door, and view the gorgeous garden, you truly enter another time!

The courtyard garden is surrounded by open verandas on all sides, filled with art.

It is the home of Sra’s Mariana and Lucrecia Palacio. Their family has owned the home for all of these years.

The house is full of the art of their brother, Miguel Palacio, who owns a gallery in Miami.

The wood floors all through the house are the original flooring, and they are made of eucalyptus wood.

You never know what lies behind the doors in Cuenca. This beautiful 225 year old hacienda house is a true hidden treasure of Cuenca!