Casa de las Posadas

Gran Colombia 17-44 y Baltazara de Calderón streets.

Built in the 1760’s this is a fine example of Cuenca’s colonial period architecture. The name is derived from it’s original purpose as an inn. Strategically located on what was then the entrance to the city on the coast road, it provided accomodation for the indigenous peoples and traders who brought their harvest and products to be exchanged or sold in the city markets.

Before restoration….The structure gained national heritage status in 1982. The restoration was done in 2006.

Painting of the Virgen del Carmen….unknown painter

Casa de las Posadas is located in the San Sebastián neighborhood , on Gran Colombia 17-44 and Baltazara de Calderón streets.

Cuenca old and new….Casa de las Posadas, one of the oldest buildings in Cuenca, with the new Tranvia passing in front.

There were two stone lined water canals discovered buried under this section of the Tranvia line.

Before, and after restoration…..

It is now a Cultural Patrimonial Property of the City of Cuenca, and serves as a venue and gallery for various art shows.