Casa de la familia Jerves Calero

8-44 Simon Bolivar

This house belonged to Sr. Jose Calero and was built in 1917. This is one of the most valuable testimonies of a time of great economic wealth in Cuenca, during the exports peak of husk and straw hats in the early 18th century, when there was much of a French influence on Cuenca architecture.

The building now houses a clothing store, with four floors overlooking Parque Calderon.

The house still preserves some of the elegant details of the time used for its decoration. Among them are the embossed tin ceilings imported from France and numerous crystal chandeliers and lamps.

The owner of this house had big agricultural properties down the Coast that produced
different products for exports.

Fine carved wood covered with gold leaf on top of the windows.

The house was considered one of the most luxurious properties in the city. Fine objects
imported from France such as crystal lamps, crystal mirrors, and marble tables, decorated the rooms where parties with Cuenca’s society were very common.

The front door opens to Parque Calderon.

A view from one of the balconies overlooking Parque Calderon, the New Cathedral, and San Luis Seminary.