China Building

#25 CHINA BUILDING 9-52 Simon Bolivar. Built 1909-1913.

Who is that handsome man in the window? If you have ever taken the double-decker bus, or walked down the street on Simon Bolivar, you have probably seen a well dressed man on the balcony of this building.

“The China House” was the popular name given to this building as description of the facade, which is clad from top to bottom in pieces of china. These were probably a special commission from France, produced according to a specific quantity, shape, size and color to form a design for the complete facade.

The balconies, balustrades and other metal elements were imported from England and display the same Art Nouveau style as the facade.

A handsome staircase leads to the second level.

There he is! A mannequin stands in the window of the shop of David Anthony, a custom man’s suit tailor.

The entire shop is covered with polychrome brass on the ceilings and walls.

David Anthony can tailor make a man’s suit in five days! — David Anthony – Trajes para Hombre.

The emerald green and cream ceramic pieces have a polished finish, which has prevented their deterioration by the local weather conditions as well as the state of neglect into which the building fell for several decades while serving as a tenement house.

now you know who he is…..!!