San Luis Seminary

#21 SAN LUIS SEMINARY Benigno Malo y Simon Bolivar

Photo from 1920 San Luis Seminario with the celebration of the first century of the Independence of Cuenca.

The first seminary in Cuenca was founded in September 1813. In addition to theology, law and medicine were taught. The funds for its operation were provided by a tax on cacao exports.

Inside the seminary building there is an impressive view of the domes of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (the New Cathedral)

The inside of the seminary courtyard was opened to the public in 2017 after a long restoration process. It is a lovely space to enjoy a meal, or music. There are several ferias held in the courtyard throughout the year.

The second courtyard can be accessed from several of the restaurants, and from Santa Ana Street. The building is composed mainly of adobe walls and solid bricks.

There is now a good selection of very popular restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and an ice cream parlor inside the renovated San Luis Seminary.

There is a chapel inside the Seminary.

Santa Ana Street runs between the New Cathedral and San Luis Seminary. It is said to be one of the oldest streets in Cuenca.

Photo #1 Seminary in 1910. The New Cathedral is under construction to the left. Photo #2 San Luis Seminary Roof, after the fire August 2012. Investigators said the fire was the result of fireworks from a Parque Calderon celebration. The fire destroyed the central part of the roof, as well as an interior chapel that contained wall murals which had recently been restored. A large restoration project began after the fire. Many parts of the seminary were not being used prior to that.