Alcaldia – Cuenca City Hall

#11 ALCALDIA – CUENCA CITY HALL Corner of Simon Bolivar and Borrero. Built in 1922-1926.

This building was designed by a Quito born architect, Luis Felipe Donoso Barba, who trained in Belgium. It is a good example of the French influence in Cuenca architecture. The building was commissioned to accommodate the headquarters of the Bank of Azuay. Regarded as one of the soundest banks in the country it even had European branches during it’s early years.

The ceilings are made of polychrome brass and were imported from France.

In 1950 the bank extended its premises and added the adjacent building, connected to the existing building on all three levels. Unfortunately as a result of the banking crisis that affected the country in 1999, the bank closed with serious economic consequences for the region.

Since November 2002 the building has accommodated the Cuenca City Hall, and several other local government offices.

Banco del Azuay en 1937.