Iglesia San Blas

#1 IGLESIA SAN BLAS. Located on the corner of Calles Manuel Vega y Simon Bolivar.

The early church was erected on May 3, 1557, as indicated by a stone uncovered while digging the new foundations. Stones from the Pumapungo Inca and Canari ruins area had been used in the early construction. The church played a strategic role in sustaining and catechizing the entire indigenous population in the north-east of the city, and for almost four hundred years it formed the city’s eastern boundary. Reconstruction works commenced in 1938, using the original construction as the base. In 1970 a belfry was added to the lateral bell-tower. The front façade is clad in pink travertine marble extracted from the nearby mines of Sayusi. A recent renovation was completed in 2018.